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In he played on Head's third album Between Us. In he wrote and recorded a blues rock album titled Nightlight , which was produced by Alan Callan at Basing Street Studios and at Roundhouse Studio in London, and commercially released the following year through the French record label AZ International. A single, "Silver Arrow", was released, but also failed to sell well enough to chart. Mick Fleetwood played drums on one track, "Ford 44", the first time that he and Weston had worked together since the acrimony of The record was again released by AZ International in , but like Nightlight it failed to enter the United Kingdom albums chart, and Weston's contract with the label was subsequently terminated.

With his career as a solo artist having failed to take off, in the s Weston returned to working as a professional session musician , playing live on tour with a variety of acts, working in London studios, and intermittently in Europe and America. He played on Dick Morrissey 's jazz album Souliloquy , writing one of its songs, and also worked in television music production. In the s he retired from professional music for several years, [21] returning to it at the end of the decade with a self-produced album called There's a Heaven , which was engineered at Studio in Burgess Hill and released independently.

In January Weston announced that he had started working on recording some new material at Markant Studios in the Netherlands. In his last years Weston was resident in North West London, occasionally playing in impromptu sessions at The Duke of Hamilton public house and gigging with a local band called Mad Dog Bites. Weston, who lived alone in his final years, was found dead in his flat by police officers in Brent Cross in London on 3 January , who had gained entry to the property after his friends had reported concerns over not hearing from him unexpectedly for several days.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For the American bassist and recording engineer, see Bob Weston.

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Retrieved 24 August Published on YouTube 25 September Published on YouTube 7 May Published on YouTube 7 January Bob Weston. Published on YouTube 1 December Bob Weston official website. Retrieved 6 January Fleetwood Mac. Worst of all, how can you fight against an enemy who values death and martyrdom above all other things?

And it will never work. Labels: 19 , Festive Dozen , Paul Hardcastle. I was something of a late-comer to the self-titled Ryan Adams album. So much so, it was well into before I really started to digest just how good the slow-burning album was. Whether they be perceived or real.

Flight of the Skypilot: Forty Years On Fleetwood Mac - Rumours

Labels: Festive Dozen , Ryan Adams. But it didn't really matter too much, as the age-defying Fleetwood Mac thrilled the near 40, in attendance with the band's th show of Even one or two serious production issues along the way — intermittent big screen failures being an obvious one — couldn't dampen the spirits as the band reeled off one big hit after another over the course of nearly two and a half hours.

The "regular" set peaked and closed with 'Go Your Own Way', while the four-song encore included 'Don't Stop', before the gig closed with Christine McVie's 'Songbird' … and to think I was fretting a little beforehand that Rumours might perhaps be overlooked. I paid money to listen to Stevie, not your lame fog-horn attempts to replicate her.

Got that? The album, 9 Dead Alive, was the fourth full-length outing from Mexican acoustic guitar duo Rodrigo y Gabriela. Labels: Festive Dozen , Rodrigo y Gabriela. I really love it when old musical genres are given fancy new threads to wear. Especially when it results in something of a minor rebirth within that genre. It seemed like every six weeks or so throughout the year, Haelg had a brand new track up on his Soundcloud page — usually free to download — either collaboratively or under his own name in a solo guise. This is really just disco under another name, produced by a young guy whose parents would barely have been old enough to embrace the original sound the first time around.

I usually get pretty hung up on the idea of seeing bands well after their prime. Hung up, as in precious and anal. About my refusal to attend gigs based purely on a sense of nostalgia. With Fleetwood Mac though, it feels different. And because Rumours itself represents a comforting feeling of warmth and familiarity, carried forward from my childhood. You see, my Mum had this album when I was growing up. And Fleetwood Mac represent her generation, not mine.

"Gold Dust Woman" Fleetwood Mac performed by Rumours of Fleetwood Mac

My older sister and I thrashed Rumours while both in our early teens. Fleetwood Mac and Rumours always felt like a guilty pleasure for me. The band was a commercial radio staple. They were everywhere.

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It was mainstream, and beyond saturation point. So I kept it close, and it took years for me to be honest with anyone about just how much I love the huge-selling Rumours.

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Rumours is an album with a little bit of everything. The back story; two sets of couples, one British, one American, one recently divorced, and the other going through a process of breaking up while the album was being made. And the odd man out, a drummer trying desperately to hold it all together. And there was an undeniable chemistry there. Like some sort of demented unwashed Transatlantic rock version of Abba plus one gone badly wrong.

And what about those songs? Beautiful songs about fading and failed relationships.

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Songs about intimacy and infidelity. Songs about hope. Songs about despair. Songs about trying to hold it all together. Even the odd song about nothing very much at all really. Musically the album is a hybrid of styles; from straight-up pop, to ballads, to hippy folkie stuff, to hard driving rock. It had singles that charted, and album tracks that became iconic simply because they were epic album tracks off Rumours.

Fleetwood Mac had a few different incarnations over the years, and as such the band will mean different things to different people see the Peter Green or Bob Welch years , but the five individuals who made Rumours represent the ultimate in Fleetwood Mac line-ups … the perfect core. I do hope they remember to play something from Rumours.

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One of the biggest buzzes — from the smallest of treats — I got during the year happened every second month or so, when discovering a freshly wrapped bulging CD-sized package safely stowed away in my letter box, courtesy of NZ Musician magazine. More often than not it was something I was vaguely familiar with, so I might have already formed some kind of opinion.

Thursday, November 12, Playing It Strange. Each year the Trust runs a songwriting competition in conjunction with the Lion Foundation, NZ on Air, the Rock Shop, and a number of other key supporters. Labels: Downloads , Play It Strange.

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Home Alone is a Wellington-based label, and Autumn is a collection of b-sides, rarities, and live songs from local artists released earlier this year. I think I probably downloaded the digital album sometime back in late May or June, when it was released, and many of the tracks on it have subsequently gone on to become firm favourites of mine as the year has progressed. Okay, so once again I've broken The Golden Rule of Blogging by failing to come up with regular fresh content. Not even a short post or two to keep things ticking over.

No surprise then, that page hits and views have fallen right away. It's the way things go when you've lost your blogging mojo — or to put it another way, when you've been unrepentantly lazy. Only that's probably not true. Lazy is such a cruel and unforgiving word ;- It's actually been somewhat chaotic up here on the top floor of everythingsgonegreen towers in recent weeks, and for one reason or another, I just haven't been able to post very much. I had one beer the entire night, and while I might not have been the life of the party exactly, I still caught up with a number of old friends, and felt all that much better for my sobriety the following morning.

I mean, who knew it could be that easy? So blogging has tended to take a back seat for a while, and everythingsgonegreen has been rather neglected. I felt like taking a long break from all forms of social media, but worried about losing momentum — or whatever little blogging momentum I had! I had a couple of album reviews included in the latest edition of NZ Musician magazine see below. An edgy country-tinged blues rock, with a gruff lived-in vocal to both die for and rally behind. The sort of voice you might get if you crossed Dylan with Knopfler, or Petty, or Waits, or any combination thereof.

Songs about important things like bad politics, cruel cities, and matters of the heart — not necessarily in that order. Wednesday, October 14, Spiritual Father. We love a little bit of melodica here at Chez everythingsgonegreen. We're also a wee bit partial to all things dub in digital forms. And as you surely already know, we're no stranger to the concept of "name your price" or "free download" It's a great listen. The majority of online reviews so far have been positive, but comments on my social media feed over the past fortnight would suggest the early reaction to Music Complete has been rather mixed.