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  3. Jazz Fest Redux 12222: Sights & Sounds of the 50th New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival
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Day of three finds us looking in at the driving guitar force of Fleetwood Mac, with Lindsey Buckingham.

Each one had such a distinct sound, when coupled together they form a complex companionship. Separated, you can hear their unique voices in a more complete setting. In this experiment, not every song works. Neither song is included here for various reasons. I wanted this experiment to feel more like a solo work. One of my favorite bands of all time is Fleetwood Mac. The band is a true sum of its parts. They are the gold standard when it comes to the team effort approach to their songs, albums and live shows.

Though they are a chameleon of a band who has evolved and changed over time, they have had their share of chaotic times. But difficult roads lead to beautiful destinations.

List of all songs by Fleetwood Mac (A-Z) |

When the group is in sync with each other, there is no one better. What if Fleetwood Mac only had one singer? The Mac has been known since their early beginnings as a band who has shared vocal duties. What if they only had one singer?

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What would an album by Fleetwood Mac sound like? Over the next three days, I want to look at three different versions of The Mac…each one featuring a different singer.

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I am not advocating this should be the case…but what if? Up first, here is the Stevie Nicks version of Fleetwood Mac.

I have kept the album to a tight 11 songs, trying to find the best songs that cohesively fit together. Listen below.

  1. Neil Finn and Mike Campbell work hard to replace the magic of Lindsey Buckingham.
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There is a divide between RHCP fans when it comes to their music. There is no dispute that there is a noticable difference in the style of music before and after BSSM. While both sets of fans claim to be Chili Pepper purists, what neither of realize is that the Chili Peppers have survived the chaotic waters of the music industry because they changed…they evovled. It was a challenge to get to …there are a couple of stretches to get there but we made it. Happy 75th birthday, Bob! No one thinks of Los Angeles as a country music city. Los Angeles is a city drenched in steamy asphalt roads, overpacked with tin cars on an eternal idle.

The urban sprawl is a desolate kingdom of industrialization.

This is the city that gave birth to the heavy metal music that crawled its way out of the sleaze and grime of its underbelly. It gave birth to a massive hip-hop culture that rebelled against the forced environment of the low-income slums. It is not a city that brings to mind the heartfelt twang of an acoustic guitar.

But ultimately, Los Angeles is a desert. Long before the skyscrapers, celebrities, and traffic nightmares, it was a western town snuggled up against a sandy beach. Marie Danielle is not a country artist. She is an LA artist. Upon first pass, it hooks you with its sensitivity. Marie Danielle is everyone.

Jazz Fest Redux 12222: Sights & Sounds of the 50th New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival

Being a musical artist in LA means you have to be a fighter. Playing shows in LA means competing against narcissistic Angelenos who would rather hear the sound of their own voice than bother listening. The artist must power over them…over the selfies and status updates. Some things have changed, particularly the addition of Crowded House frontman Neil Finn and former Heartbreakers guitarist Mike Campbell, who both get the rewarding journey of trying to make everyone forget about Buckingham.

Still, the addition of Finn and Campbell only stresses the impossibility of replacing Buckingham, seeing how it took two musicians to swap out one. Even when they were phoning it in, you at least knew there was a history there. Though, when it came time to actually pay homage to Petty, the band more or less fumbled.

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The True Mac Daddy: Nicks sounds straight off the vinyl. She also hardly took a break like, say, Nicks, who would vanish from time to time. Seeing the two of them setting aside their differences and sharing the spotlight felt like a proper moment to end on. If anything, it feels emblematic of a time when women have never been more united. When Nicks began singing the mesmerizing ballad, which dates all the way back to , she had the support of every single soul in the audience.

Those who were leaving to get beer or hit the john quickly ran back to their seats.

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  • Those who were waiting to hear it all night bled their lungs out. Those who have loved this band forever and ever were in tears. Concert Reviews The hottest gigs straight from the venue to your couch.