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The easiest is probably to install the Xcode Command Line Tools.

On Mavericks If you want a more up to date version, you can also install it via a binary installer. You can also install it as part of the GitHub for macOS install. Their GUI Git tool has an option to install command line tools as well. There are also a few ways to install Git on Windows. The most official build is available for download on the Git website. To get an automated installation you can use the Git Chocolatey package.

Note that the Chocolatey package is community maintained. Another easy way to get Git installed is by installing GitHub Desktop. The installer includes a command line version of Git as well as the GUI. Classic Mac OS is characterized by its monolithic design. Initial versions of the System Software run one application at a time. System 5 introduced cooperative multitasking. System 7 supports bit memory addressing and virtual memory , allowing larger programs. Later updates to the System 7 enable the transition to the PowerPC architecture. The system was considered user-friendly , but its architectural limitations were critiqued, such as limited memory management , lack of protected memory and access controls , and susceptibility to conflicts among extensions.

Nine major versions of the classic Mac OS were released. The name "Classic" that now signifies the system as a whole is a reference to a compatibility layer that helped ease the transition to Mac OS X. Although the system was originally marketed as simply "version 10" of Mac OS, it has a history that is largely independent of the classic Mac OS.

The first desktop version of the system was released on March 24, , supporting the Aqua user interface. Since then, several more versions adding newer features and technologies have been released. Since , new releases have been offered on an annual basis. An early server computing version of the system was released in as a technology preview.

It was followed by several more official server-based releases. Server functionality has instead been offered as an add-on for the desktop system since The idea was to offer a single "overdesigned" hardware platform on which third-party vendors could build practically any product, reducing the otherwise heavy workload of developing a NuBus -based expansion card. The first version of the system was ready for use in February It was not very competitive for its time, due in part to the crowded Unix market and Macintosh hardware lacking high-end design features present on workstation -class computers.

The Macintosh Application Environment MAE was a software package introduced by Apple in that allowed users of certain Unix -based computer workstations to run Apple Macintosh application software. The last version, MAE 3. It was discontinued on May 14, In mid , the community-led MkLinux Developers Association took over development of the operating system.

MkLinux is short for "Microkernel Linux," which refers to the project's adaptation of the Linux kernel to run as a server hosted atop the Mach microkernel. MkLinux is based on version 3. Star Trek as in "to boldly go where no Mac has gone before" was a relatively unknown secret prototype beginning in , whose goal was to create a version of the classic Mac OS that would run on Intel -compatible x86 personal computers. A team consisting of four from Apple and four from Novell was able to get the Macintosh Finder and some basic applications such as QuickTime , running smoothly on the x86 architecture.

The project was canceled a year later in early , but some of the code was later reused when porting the Mac OS to PowerPC. Taligent a portmanteau of "talent" and "intelligent" was the name of an object-oriented operating system and the company dedicated to producing it. The development process never worked, and Taligent is often cited as an example of a project death march.

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Apple pulled out of the project in before the code had been delivered. Copland was a project at Apple to create an updated version of the classic Mac OS.

GitHub - BonzaiThePenguin/Loading: Simple network activity monitor for OS X

It was to have introduced protected memory , preemptive multitasking and a number of new underlying operating system features, yet still be compatible with existing Mac software. As originally planned, a follow-up release known as "Gershwin" would add multithreading and other advanced features. New features were added more rapidly than they could be completed, and the completion date slipped into the future with no sign of a release. In , Apple decided to cancel the project outright and find a suitable third-party system to replace it.

Apple also developed the Newton OS for its Newton personal digital assistant from to From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Family of operating systems for Macintosh computers. For the current Apple operating system for Macs, see macOS. Main article: Classic Mac OS. Main article: macOS. This option is in the Finder drop-down menu.

Click OK when prompted. Doing so will empty the trash, thus completely clearing the cache files from your Mac. Method 2. Open Safari.

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The Safari app icon resembles a blue compass, and can usually be found in your Mac's Dock at the bottom of the screen. Click Safari. If you see a Develop menu item in the bar at the top of the screen, click it instead, then skip ahead to the "Click Empty Caches " step.

Click Preferences…. It's near the top of the Safari drop-down menu. A new window will open. Click the Advanced tab. You'll find it on the far right side of the Preferences window. Check the "Show Develop menu in menu bar" box.

Macintosh operating systems

It's at the bottom of the Preferences window. This adds the Develop tab to the menu bar for Safari. Click Develop. It's an option in the menu bar at the top of the screen. Click Empty Caches. You'll see it in the Develop drop-down menu. Doing so will automatically clear your Mac's Safari cache. You won't see a pop-up window or a confirmation notice when the cache is cleared. Margaret Althea Elvenshadow. If you're using Google Chrome as your browser, look at the top right corner, at the end of the search bar. You should see three dots in a vertical line. Click on them.

A list should pop up.

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If you see an option that says "Develop," click on it. Near the bottom of the list, there is an option that says "Empty cache. Yes No. Not Helpful 5 Helpful 6. The operation Empty Trash cant be completed because the item "Cache. How can I solve this issue? Not Helpful 0 Helpful 1. If I clear my Safari cache, will my computer lose all my files and information?

In most cases, your documents and pictures are stored in the documents folder and pictures folder in your home folder, but certain apps, store sign-ins and other information in the cache will be lost. Not Helpful 1 Helpful 1.

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  • I followed the steps and I get continuous set of messages saying I can't empty trash because xxxxx is in use. How do I get around this? Often this is because a specific program that uses that file might be open. I would recommend shutting all apps besides Finder and trying again. If this still happens, restart your computer.